Retirement Solutions

Maximize Plan Efficiency
Every plan sponsor has unique goals and objectives. Integrated Financial Services will create an ongoing service plan specific to your needs.

Help Protect Against Loss
Most plan sponsors aren't completely sure of what's required of them as fiduciaries. But it's important—and you can be held personally liable for breaches of your fiduciary duties. IFS will help you satisfy your fiduciary obligations and reduce your business risk.

Retirement Plan Providers
As a sponsor of a qualified retirement plan, you have a choice when it comes to the retirement platform with which you align. As Investment Adviser Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network®, IFS has access to a full range of quality investment products and services, including mutual funds, insurance, and commission-only and fee-based products. Unlike traditional Wall Street firms, Commonwealth does not produce or market any proprietary investment products. For this reason, we are unique in our ability to serve your needs and the needs of your employees with independence and complete objectivity.

Improve Your Plan Without Changing It
Chances are your organization's retirement plan does not fully meet your and your participant's needs. Unfortunately, changing plans can be time consuming, disruptive, and expensive. The solution? Let IFS improve your retirement plan without changing it.

It is not always necessary to move your retirement plan to a new platform in order to benefit from our exceptional services. We can be appointed broker of record on your existing plan and, in some cases, our service can be provided to you at no additional cost. All of our fees are fully disclosed.

Top Fiduciary Mistakes
We can help you avoid the most common mistakes made by well-meaning plan sponsors, including failure to:

  • Establish and follow written policies and procedures
  • Monitor and replace poor investment options
  • Understand and evaluate plan fees
  • Administer the plan correctly, monitor periodically
  • Identify conflicts of interest
  • Differentiate between corporate and plan fiduciary roles
  • Appropriately manage company stock
  • Provide employees the help they need
  • Take action

A Commitment to Participant Education
Effective communication materials are essential to the success of your plan. As part of our comprehensive communication services, we will walk your employees through the enrollment process in a way that is both motivational and easy to understand. We will be sure that your plan receives periodic retirement plan education, targeted to meet the needs of your employees. And we will conduct ongoing education sessions to help your employees wisely invest their accounts and plan for the distribution phase of the retirement savings.

A Commitment to Ongoing Service
We have established and maintain meaningful relationships with a variety of corporations, organizations, and small business throughout the Upstate New York area. We are proud of our commitment to excellence and will work hard to develop a strong and last relationship with you.

To learn more about how IFS can create a successful retirement plan experience for you and your employees, please call us at 518.478.7800 or e-mail us at [email protected].