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Integrated Financial Strategies, LLC was formed with one vision in mind:  to add value and confidence to an employer’s retirement plan. By enhancing the employer’s confidence in managing their fiduciary process, they can spend more of their valuable time focusing on their core business and less time on the retirement plan.

At IFS, we enjoy working with employers who want to help their employees succeed and be secure in their retirement. We believe that every person desires to one day realize a financially secure retirement and statistics say most  employees require specialized help to get there. From choosing the right investments, to determining appropriate savings rates, to candid conversations about debt reduction, our goal is to provide employees with the necessary information to optimize their retirement-readiness.

Our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network®, an independent broker/dealer, means that our firm remains independent too. We are free to act in the best interests of our clients without any pressure to promote a particular product or strategy. Our independence means that our interests are aligned with yours.

Our mission is to provide a prudent and highly customized solution to help our clients meet their specific goals and objectives. Through our process-driven due diligence, we seek to uncover and address the challenges faced by our clients.